Saturday, January 23, 2010

My sweet Isaac Joseph

Ok, so as a mom I feel so bad. I began to read over the majority of my comments the past few months and I didn't say anything about my beautiful baby boy Isaac:-( That was not on purpose..the reality is he is just so stinken sweet and docile that I don't notice all the crazy new things he is doing sometimes. So, I'm here to journal this primarily to myself and you can enjoy reading about him as well. Isaac is almost at the end of his physical therapy and he is already crawling EVERYWHERE and standing up on couches. He is so excited whenever he can even come close to playing alongside his big sister and brother. He adores Asher and is just now starting to trust Taly:-) She was a bit too overly nurturing there for awhile if you get my drift. She loves him so much though! I just love him and I can't believe he is almost 1 years old already. He's the sweetest happiest baby in the world and I just love to watch him play, sing to himself (which he does often), and my favorite is when he rubs his nose and face against mine. He gets such contentment doing that, and well I love it too! I'm just so thankful for all 3 of my beautiful children and from now on I will purposely make sure that I don't just mention my two oldest monkeys when I'm blogging:-) Mommy loves you so much Isaac!!

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