Wednesday, April 16, 2008

luckiest Lady

My husband & children are beautiful and I like to think I am the most blessed woman in the world.


Taly is moving her way deeper into our hearts every day. She's the most beautiful little girl in the world and every time she smiles at me I feel this amazing love for her. Her little personality is popping out so much now and I have never heard a baby laugh like she does(we have got to figure out how to tape it and post her giggling online). She's happy pretty much all the time and it's contagious with her :-) She loved the zoo and just having family time. FINALLY, I am figuring out how to snap the camera a little better with Keith's camera and I am able to capture some of the cuter moments. The funniest is when we went underground to look at the sea lions with her. Her eyes were HUGE(note the picture with me & her). She kept calming down and then a seal would whip by us and her eyes would get huge again. She just couldn't quite figure out what they were and what we were doing so close to these huge things. She loved it though, especially all the attention Asher was giving her.

FEEDING THE COWS (look at that tongue)

We're not even in Ocala and look what fun we get to have with the cows. At first Asher was a little nervous about being so close to the cows but once he got the hang of it we had a good time. I can't say it smelled to pretty in there but I guess that kind of comes with the territory. The zoo has lots of things for kids to do so this was just one of the more exciting things we did that day outside of watching monkeys, seals & lions.

A Fun Day Out!

We had to take Taly to the Adoption Agency today for her 4th visit. She enjoys the attention. Once I was there Keith took Asher to a nearby park to keep him entertained. Little man Asher enjoyed himself thoroughly today. He got to play at the park on an old fire truck, in the sandbox, and the grand finale was the Lincoln Park Zoo with his little sister Taly. She loved it just as much as him. It's so nice to finally be experiencing some warmer weather around here.

Asher & Matteo

Asher loves his little buddy Matteo (aka: Teo). They had lots of fun chasing bubbles together, playing with play dough & trucks. He's Asher's first real playmate that is a boy so it's kind of nice for him :-) WE love you Teo Matteo :-)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008