Saturday, January 19, 2008

Birth mom

For all of you who are wondering about adoption of new borns we want to remind you that with new babies there is always a birth mom who brings that baby into this world. For Athalya, it was Karina! We want to ask all of you to please pray for Karina as she heals from her c-section and moves forward with this new chapter of her life. It is so hard to even consider sharing your child with another family and she has blessed us with our beautiful daughter Athalya. Please pray for her as she deals with all the emotions of adopting out her baby, and the hormones that kick in after delivery! Karina is an amazing young woman and very very brave to have made this step in her life. We kindly request that if you read this blog and see her picture you would lift her up to our MIGHTY & LOVING GOD. That He would fill her with peace and a sense of His presence in her life.

Asher has been so excited to have a little sister. He's been very gentle for a 20 month old, and he's so good at giving hugs and kisses to her. I think he's a little frustrated that she sleeps so much, but we explained that unlike him most babies need lots and lots of sleep. We still treated him to some new things we brought home along with his new sister. One of those was his new blue hat, which he seems to really be enjoying. Now daddy & Asher look just alike. Athalya doesn't mind not having a hat she's just enjoying her baby soft blanket that Grandy knitted her. Happy babies, Happy Mommy :-)

Angel Baby

So our first day home from the hospital with Athalya and she's already holding bottles on her own :-) We laid the bottle next to her and she put her hands on the bottle and started pushing it towards her face and drinking it. We had a great laugh! We also had fun dressing her up in pink. She's so sweet & quiet....something us greenbergs are learning about (Quietness).She discovered she really enjoys her new boppy seat as well.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008