Sunday, March 18, 2007

Daddy & Me exploring the BIG world...

Keith & I took Asher to the zoo last week. He wasn't interested in the Big animals, but he sure did love the Canadian Geese....It was great for him practicing his pointing as well..he pointed over and over again and said "da da". Asher loves to see and learn new things.

Pancakes made with LOVE..

You are probably wondering what this picture has to do with anything. WELL, I had to show it to everyone. I was cooking Asher his first batch of pancakes, and I was explaining to him that I loved him and thats why I was making him the pancakes when I flipped over my first set and WA LA there was a perfect shaped heart on the back side. Of course, he didn't quite understand what I thought was so exciting about that, but I figure I will keep it as evidence of my cooking skills..and it will go down as a pancake truly made with love:-)

Learning to play with friends...

Elei & Asher

Elei & Asher spent the day together last Tuesday. Asher LOVES his big buddy Elei! Keep Elei in your prayers concerning his health, as he is being tested for breathing problems!!! He is an absolute sweetheart.We love you Elei, and hope to have you over more often!

Swinging Around

The Family at the Park & Ahser and St. Pattys Day