Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taly, Zach & Little Hannah

Taly had a blast at the Rogers Park Community Picnic. She played with all sorts of kids & rec'd lots of love from the Petersen family:-) I liked this picture of her sitting with Zach & Hannah..I thought it was cute of all 3 of them!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Greenberg Kids

Taly Bean Sprout

Athalya legally became our little girl as of July 28th. She also decided to start crawling the same day. Now she is one seriously on the move baby girl. I forget how quick these little guys get around especially when your not looking:-) Asher loves having a little sister who can keep up with him though, and she is literally on his heels! She's so beautiful..I am only slightly bias but she's getting cuter by the minute. We've been giving her new foods like bananas, baby crackers & yogurt (Which she LOVES). Now she refuses to eat peas,carrots and any other healthy food. She has a mind of her own and she wants to eat what she wants.Naranda Panda came to visit too which was a nice time for all of us. She brought all sorts of cute things for both Asher & Taly. Also, usually babies say dada first but lately when Taly is crying or wants to be held she is just starting to say"mamamamama" which I take to mean "mommy". She's definitely developing quick & keeping all of us on our toes:-) She's going to be a great big sister come February!

Mom & Asher

Keith was taking some photos out at the lake and it's not that either of us look that great in this photo but I liked the lighting so I'm posting it for my hubby:-)

Dig Dig Digger

Outside of his guitar the second most important thing in the world are Diggers, mini-loaders & excavators. Asher can't get enough of the construction site workers(AKA:Bob the Builder) One night Keith & I took a walk with the kids and we stumbled across this mini-loader. Keith decided to put Asher in it for a few minutes. He loved every second of his digging experience.

Asher and his guitar

Asher does a lot of things these days considering he is two, but one thing he can't get enough of is his guitar (& his dads for that matter). I have never heard of a two year old getting guitar lessons, but it is seriously on my radar. He even goes to sleep with the 6 stringed instrument next to him:-) See Aunt Rachel I'm not exaggerating. I made up a remake song to Brian Adams "Summer of 69". It goes "Yeah, I got my first real 6 string when I was just 2 years old. I played it til my fingers bled (literally) was the summer of 2008. ...