Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taly & Ash at Grandma & Grandpa Greenberg's in Florida

G-ma & G-pa Greenbergs 2008

I love the picture of the 4 Greenberg boys. There are 4 generations at one time which isn't always easy to capture (G-pa Jack Greenberg, Joe Greenberg (Zeida), Keith Greenberg & Asher Greenberg). Taly rec'd lots of attention too from Aunt Sonia & Uncle Mark..it was great:-)


Ok, Finally I am trying to make an effort to get some photos up and posted to our blog. Here is the most recent batch from the past few weeks. Taly & Asher went apple picking the 2nd week of September & loved it. We took a long tractor ride and both of them got to pick out some of their own apples. I think they both enjoyed the ride a bit more then the apple picking itself, but I was proud of them:-) Earlier today we got out and played in the fall leaves for a short time until Asher decided he was cold & hungry:-( Taly wasn't the least bit interested in leaving she was far too happy just eating the leaves-yes thats right, eating the leaves. I thought my mother-in-law was going to have a nervous break down pulling chunks of leaves out of her mouth every 2 seconds. It was funny nonetheless;-) Never a dull moment in the Greenberg family.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tals & Asher Growing up

Ok, so we are a little behind in getting pictures up these days. Chalk it up to two very wild & rambunctious children and a little guy on the way. We have lots of photos to put on so be patient as I download them and post them this week. These are photos of Asher & Taly about 2 months ago when Taly started to pull herself up on everything. She's a lady on a mission these days..always exploring something! Asher is still playing the guitar...Keith is considering the idea of placing him on Michigan Ave...maybe he can supplement some extra income for us:-) Just kidding little man..mom & dad aren't sending you anywhere yet!