Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some extra shots from Botanic Gardens

I don't know who enjoys Keith's camera more..him or me:-) We had fun taking shots of Asher crawling around and exploring the world around him..I just kept trying to tell him grass is for walking in not eating!!! I think Asher liked having his daddy show him the sunset the best!

Botanic Gardens with mom & dad

Enjoying a day at Botanic Gardens..73 degrees, sunny and nothing to do but lounge in the grass:-) Asher had fun exploring his abilities to crawl in the grass.

Bon Appetite birthday boy!

What could be more fun then blowing out the candle from my 1st birthday cake???
Perhaps the pictures will provide you with the answer...

Asher's 1st B-day...


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Roger's Park by our home

Just wanted to share with those of you who haven' t been to our place the great location we have here in Chicago ! These pictures were taken just three buildings in from our place. We have literally almost a park w/a lake attached for a backyard playground for Asher. You won't hear me complain about that:-)

Dandelions Galore

Hmm, choices choices ,which dandelion to pick & eat..or maybe
I should just stick to my yellow ball!

Flower picking time!

Ok, so I can't figure out which one of these pictures I like best so I decided "Hey why not just put all of them on there"! Asher & I had a great time at the lake. Finally spring is here and we can go outside and play. I don't think Asher knew quite what to do with the grass and flowers, but he loved every minute of scootin along by the water front. I don't think he has much room to complain about what his backyard looks like:-) We are only 3 buildings in from this gorgeous park right off of Lake Michigan. Only 7 more days until Asher hits the 1 year mark. It's amazing how fast this year has went by. I just hope we can continue to capture moments like today to save for the rest of our lives.