Friday, September 29, 2006

Lisa & Asher

Lisa (mommy's super close friend) feeding Asher right before Baby Trinity is born!

Hobbits....Fact or Fiction

Little hobbit Greenberg would have to say Fact ;-)

Trinity & Asher with their daddies

Asher playing

Family Fun

Oh Canada Oh Canada

Down from Canada..Naranda and Asher

GREAT Grandma Meyer & Asher

Cheryl is such a Helper

When I was first born mommys best friend Cheryl did LOTS to help. She even put together my entire bedroom. Thank you Cheryl!

Splendid fun with Dad and Mom

We couldn't get Asher to laugh, so we pulled out the Mac and did Photo booth time. That got someone smiling quick!

In my fathers arms

Asher loves to rest in his daddy's arms.

Zeida and Me

Baby Asher & Zeida enjoy taking pictures~

Daddy, Zeida & ME (baby Asher)

The Greenboyg boys hanging together..

A day in Chi-town

Daddy & mommy took me to downtown Chicago. It was lots of fun.

Mommy & ME

Daddy loves this outfit..and picture of me and mommy.

Who is the cutest kid on the block??

My smiley cazoo...

Mommy & Asher enjoy the day at Botanic Gardens

Katerina & Asher

Katerina is an excellent helper with baby Asher! She likes to help feed him and play with him.
Asher Adores her as you can tell from the picture!

Monkey 1, Monkey 2 & Monkey 3

A day with Katerina & Daniel. I hope and pray Asher has many more days like this one with these two monkeys who I love so much! I think someone got a little sleepy from such an eventful afternoon.

Grandy, How do I look in daddy's cap?

Grandy & Nana with lots of Kisses!

Lots of Love

Look at those Grandmas & Grandpas with SO MUCH LOVE for baby Asher

Naptime everybody! Asher & Nana catching some Z's together

Nana & Asher catching some Z's together

Keith, Hannah & Baby Asher at Botacs

Thursday, September 14, 2006