Sunday, April 30, 2006

Papa Gee with soon to be Papa Gee

One Papa hangin with soon to be another Papa at the Apple Store

Asher (L)Wombing

Just a face shot of the cute one.

Sunday and the Tinook is in there...

well, I am just chillin on the couch and thinking about the soon to be birth of my 1st baby boy (Asher Seth Greenberg). Wow, I'm gonna be a father (SIDE PRAYER: God give me power and energy to be the best father on planet earth, I just want to make sure that Asher gets a glimpse of you through my love for him). For those of you reading this please pray that Hannah goes into labor sooner than later. thanks. For the 1st post to this blog I was hoping I would have a some deep thoughts to share with the world. Guess not.