Friday, October 17, 2008

Tals & Asher Growing up

Ok, so we are a little behind in getting pictures up these days. Chalk it up to two very wild & rambunctious children and a little guy on the way. We have lots of photos to put on so be patient as I download them and post them this week. These are photos of Asher & Taly about 2 months ago when Taly started to pull herself up on everything. She's a lady on a mission these days..always exploring something! Asher is still playing the guitar...Keith is considering the idea of placing him on Michigan Ave...maybe he can supplement some extra income for us:-) Just kidding little & dad aren't sending you anywhere yet!

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Heather G said...

Hey! Congratulations on ALL your babies! Your family is growing fast! These pictures are great. I'm due at the very beginning of January, so we're not too far apart! It will be an interesting experience giving birth for the first time in Africa! (we're having a boy too)