Friday, February 01, 2008

A day out!!!

Well Athalya is 2 weeks old now, and we decided we would take her on her first outing. It got up to 52 degrees so we packed Asher & Taly up and we took a trip down Lake Shore Drive to the Museum of Science & Industry. We got to see planets, a real submarine (U-505), and Asher's favorite a Tractor!! All I can say is he was very very excited. If your wondering what Athalya thought of her first outing just check out the photo of her where there isn't a tractor involved:-) She's such a sleeper, but when she's awake she's alot of fun. The ducky blanket she's snuggled in is the Best for winter...we don't leave home with out it. Thanks Gwen for such a huge blessing to us. One thing you can be sure of is in the cold January air up here little Taly is keeping nice and warm!

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