Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hidden suprises

Zeida took us for a drive up in the mountains surrounding Vegas. It was really beautiful especially when you live in a city and don't see much nature. I think that may have been one of the biggest highlights of our trip. Asher loved exploring and on our way out we found a small petting zoo. There were deer, goats, ducks, peacocks, pigs & lots more all just running wild for him to touch and see. And yes in the middle of the dessert my kid probably found the one flower that existed there. He was so proud to give me the flower (which he calls Bower). It was good to see my little guy getting to run and see new things. The last picture is of the road. As you can tell there wasn't much traffic....Keith was having lots of fun standing in the middle of the road snapping shots. We all got some kind of a small surprise . I got a beautiful yellow flower, Asher got to pet some new animals and Keith got lots of great photos!

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